May 16, 2018

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Highlights of INDUSTRY Europe 2018 Product Conference in Dublin

The venue in Dublin (source: INDUSTRY).

Product strategy when scaling a company — Des Traynor

Des Traynor (source: INDUSTRY).

“Build what you sell and sell what you build.”

“Every decision you have to make, highlights a missing principle.”

Building products that people love, want and need — Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni

Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni (source: INDUSTRY).

“I spend zero time on competition. It’s a loser mentality. Is the best you can do copy someone else? I believe you can do better than that.”

“Balsamiq tracks nothing. We do not use metrics, we make friends. After spending an hour with a customer, you made a friend. You can’t make friends with analytics.”

How we work at Basecamp — Ryan Singer

  • Breaking up work. How do you break up work in smaller chunks that can be picked up?
  • Tracking uncertainty over time. How do you track the uncertainty that influences the timelines of your project?
Ryan Singer (source: INDUSTRY).
Hill Chart explanation (source: Ryan Singer).
Visualizing different work items on a Hill chart (source: Ryan Singer).

Key takeaways from highlights of INDUSTRY Europe

  • Product strategy is an essential ingredient for scaling up. Without a clear product strategy, everybody will pulling in a different direction. The more rowers in your boat, the more important it becomes all strokes to be aligned to move in the right direction.
  • Do not just communicate decisions, communicate the reasoning behind those decisions. Make your decision-making scalable.
  • Even though we are in the era of analytics and data, it still pays off to be human. You can’t make friends with metrics. You can make a friend by talking to a customer.
  • Make the uncertainty of work items visible using Hill charts. Reduce the impact of unknowns by prioritizing these over work that is clear and more certain.

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