Bye Medium

The time has come to go into hibernation.

I’m grateful for how Medium has helped me to grow my online presence and personal brand.

However, I don’t see any benefit to becoming bigger on a platform that limits how I can engage with all my followers. What is the point of more followers if you can’t reach them?

I’ll be making all my articles free to read on Medium, and I’ll no longer be posting here, except to promote my book.

I stopped writing on Medium. If you want to stay updated on my latest articles then register to my newsletter at

Maybe Medium improves and I’ll come out of hibernation. But they don’t really seem to care and have lost their way.

If you want to start writing now, I don’t recommend starting on Medium. Substack is a superior choice.

The Medium platform is dying and I do not have the impression they know what they are doing.



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