Agile Spotlight #2 🔦

A weekly digest of the best Medium articles on delivering value

Agile Spotlight is ’s personally curated collection of last week’s best articles on Medium that help with discovering better ways of delivering value.

The articles in this week’s edition will provide answers to the following questions:

  • How do you figure out your actual product?
  • Is feature clutter inevitable in products as they become popular?
  • Should a Scrum Master prevent mistakes or let them happen?
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Can You Answer the Following Question: What Is Your Product?

The first company I joined, was a start-up in the healthcare sector. We had many heated and lengthy discussions revolving around “What is our product?” and “What is exactly the definition of a product”. What’s even more interesting, at most companies I worked, regardless of their size, the same discussion resurfaced often, especially when we started talking about improving our team structure.

Willem-Jan Ageling articulates why answering this question is vital for your business and the Product Owner role to succeed. He also provides valuable pointers and suggestions that allow you to better answer this question. The wrong definition of your product will cripple your ability to deliver value with Scrum, as the Product Goal will stop being effective and pull your teams in opposing directions.

Your Product Has Too Many Features

Alexander Chen explains how clutter is inevitable in products as they become popular showing concrete examples of feature mess in Facebook and Amazon.

Most companies should spend more time removing features, as the cognitive overhead and friction of features that are not pulling their weight dilutes the value of your whole product. By practicing minimalism and applying the right focus you can reduce the feature entropy in your product.

Keeping it simple is difficult, but well worth it. Imagine you apply to a job and attach your resume. On that resume, it is just as important what you say, as what you leave out. The noise shouldn’t drown out the signal. It’s easy to keep everything, but you need to eliminate the unnecessary so what is necessary can stand out even stronger.

The Perfect Scrum Master? Make Mistakes and Get Better!

Britta Ollrogge argues the importance of making mistakes and realizing you made them. Most people dislike making mistakes. I sure know I do. Unfortunately, nothing we do can prevent all blunders and mishaps. All we can do is try to learn from them the best we can.

The biggest obstacle to this learning is that we’re often blissfully unaware of our mistakes. Our ego does a great job of painting a favorable picture to make us feel like we’re a rockstar every day.

When you lack the self-reflection to surface your errors, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to grow further and help your Scrum Team improve as well. But more importantly, you need to create a safe environment where making mistakes is okay.

That’s all for this week, folks. See you next week! if you want to receive future editions.

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