About Me

Maarten Dalmijn
1 min readApr 18, 2021

I stopped writing on Medium. If you want to stay updated on my latest articles then register to my newsletter at mdalmijn.com.

If you want to work with me head over to dalmyn.com.

🖖 My name is Maarten Dalmijn. I help teams beat the Feature Factory and discover better ways of delivering value together. If you want to work together visit dalmyn.com.

✔️I introduced Scrum at the fastest-growing start-up in the Netherlands. I helped the start-up to scale up its Product Management and delivery process across multiple tech offices around the globe after the company secured a 22$m series A funding round.

🎤 I regularly speak at events and on podcasts. You can watch recordings of my talks and listen to podcast episodes on my personal website mdalmijn.com.

✍️Medium top writer on Product Management, Agile and Scrum. I’ve written more than 150 best-practice articles with millions of views.

🌊 Ambassador and editor at Serious Scrum, the largest publication on Medium about Scrum.

✉️ You can reach out to me by connecting on LinkedIn, or dropping me a message on the Serious Scrum slack.

📍 I live in Hilversum, The Netherlands.