🖖 My name is Maarten Dalmijn. I help teams beat the Feature Factory and discover better ways of delivering value together. I currently work as a Head of Product at Rodeo.

✔️I introduced Scrum at the fastest-growing start-up in the Netherlands. I helped the start-up to scale up its Product Management and delivery process across multiple tech offices around the globe after the company secured a 22$m series A funding round.

🎤 I regularly speak at events and on podcasts. For all recordings of my speaking engagements and podcast episodes I was featured on see the list below 👇.

Top writer on Product Management with Scrum. I’ve written more than 140 best-practice articles with > 1.5 million views.

🌊 Ambassador and editor at Serious Scrum, the largest publication on Medium about Scrum.

✉️ You can reach out to me by connecting on LinkedIn, or dropping me a message on the Serious Scrum slack.

📍 I live in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

📆 Upcoming talks and podcast episodes

June 21st — Scrum Day Bangalore. Why Delivering On Time Is Overrated.

📼 Recordings of talks


ProgressiveDelivery Conf.21: Why Delivering On Time Is Overrated


Keynote Speaker at Scrumday.Barcelona 2020 — Succeeding with Sprint Goals

🎧 Podcast episodes — as guest or my writings being discussed


Mastering Agility — The Importance of Sprint Goals


De Toekomst van Organisaties —Sprint Goals with Maarten Dalmijn (Dutch)

Scrum Master Toolbox — Scaling the Product Owner role in Scrum organizations


Deliver It Cast — EP86 — Other Story Types


7 Common Mistakes Starting With Scrum (Italian)

145+ articles with > 1.5 million views on beating the Feature Factory and better ways of delivering value together. https://mdalmijn.com