🖖 My name is Maarten Dalmijn. I help teams beat the Feature Factory and discover better ways of delivering value together. I currently work as a Head of Product at Rodeo.

✔️I introduced Scrum at the fastest-growing start-up in the Netherlands. I helped the start-up to scale up its Product…

The Penguin Principle for Agile transformations

I was in the fifth and final round for a Product Owner position. I remember being tired of responding to all kinds of questions, often the same I had answered before.

Especially considering I already jumped through quite a few hoops— I had completed a personality test and an intelligence…

What makes the Scrum Master role so extraordinarily demanding?

If you’ve seen Scrum being introduced at a company, then you probably have seen this before. The company is starting with Scrum and a Scrum Master is suddenly needed.

The company asks a team who wants to be a Scrum Master. …

Splitting User Stories into more User Stories often means you are deceiving yourself (and your users too!)

Nussi Einhorn posted the following picture on LinkedIn:

The left-hand side of the image portrays a confusing mess of User Stories. Try scanning them and getting the gist — you won’t.

The right-hand side of the picture showcases a crisp and clear alternative by using descriptive titles that summarize the…

Crafting a clear and overarching Sprint Goal during Sprint Planning

Boxer Mike Tyson once said:

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” — Mike Tyson

In military warfare a similar saying exists:

“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” — Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

No matter how much time you spend planning, you can…

Agile transformations often feel like rolling a rock up a hill. Here are some memes to brighten up your day

At Serious Scrum we’re serious about Scrum. I thought it would be nice to create some memes to brighten up your day and be a bit less serious about Scrum (and Agile).

Feel free to repost, up to you whether you want to credit me or not. …

Stop milking every feature you’ve completed at the Sprint Review

You might be puzzled because I’m talking about mustard and hotdogs 🌭 in relation to the Sprint Review. Don’t worry, I promise to get back to this later and explain everything.

A typical pattern I’ve observed at the Sprint Review is that Scrum Teams demonstrate every single feature they’ve built…

Four lessons to move away from stakeholder management to stakeholder inclusion

As a Product Owner, you often have to deal with powerful stakeholders. Even though you’re rarely at the top of the food chain in the organisation, you’re supposed to act like you are the boss in the realm of product.

You’re a Product Owner, after all!

However, when you act…

Even when you feel like a puppet on strings, you still have options

I’ve been a Product Owner for more than 5 years, but I’ve never been the Product Owner — that single illustrious person with complete and final say over the whole product.

As a Product Owner, I’ve had to navigate complex stakeholder landscapes. …

Maarten Dalmijn

140+ articles with > 1.5 million views on beating the Feature Factory and better ways of delivering value together. https://mdalmijn.com

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