🖖 My name is Maarten Dalmijn. I help teams beat the Feature Factory and discover better ways of delivering value together. I currently work as a Head of Product at Rodeo.

✔️I introduced Scrum at the fastest-growing start-up in the Netherlands. I helped the start-up to scale up its Product…

Splitting User Stories into more User Stories often means you are deceiving yourself (and your users too!)

Nussi Einhorn posted the following picture on LinkedIn:

The left-hand side of the image portrays a confusing mess of User Stories. Try scanning them and getting the gist — you won’t.

The right-hand side of the picture showcases a crisp and clear alternative by using descriptive titles that summarize the…

The do’s and don’ts to maximize your chances of meeting deadlines

“We have to integrate a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in our checkout flow four weeks from now.” I heard Vivian, our Product Owner, say.

I was the Business Analyst on the Scrum Team and I responded with: “Why the hurry? This is the first time we hear about…

Without self-managing and empowered teams you’re just doing Agile window-dressing

The most dysfunctional Agile transformations I’ve seen happen because companies try to copy-paste an Agile framework or scaling framework. This is especially true for bigger companies.

At the core of Agile and Scrum are self-managing, empowered teams. This usually comes more naturally to start-ups and scale-ups.

More layers, hierarchy, silos…

Maarten Dalmijn

145+ articles with > 1.5 million views on beating the Feature Factory and better ways of delivering value together. https://mdalmijn.com

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